Physical Infrastructure

Infrastructure Components:
  • Review of the Data Center spaces
  • Raised flooring review of current design and loading capacity
  • Telecommunications Grounding analysis
  • Infrastructure cabling and supporting components review
  • ADA requirements verification

  • Main Power distribution overview
  • Genset Loadbank test review
  • UPS capacity review/battery review
  • Room Power distribution review and PDU layout
  • Overall Circuit information and distribution
  • Overall power loading per phase in the Data Room(s)
  • Runtime average consumption of equipment in room detail
  • Row/Rack power PDU review and redundancy source review
  • Electrical grounding/Communications connection

  • High level HVAC design and current redundancy review
  • Equipment placement and heat load review
  • HVAC Capacity and Distribution review
  • HVAC Monitoring review
  • Mechanical SLA and Maintenance overview

Low Voltage:
  • Copper/Fiber system review
  • TIA-606 Telecom labeling standards review
  • Cable Management
  • Administration

Access Control/Security & Life Safety:
  • Access Control/Monitoring systems review
  • Fire system(s) review
  • Overall Design and EPO (Emergency Power Off) review

Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus

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