1 (met'ro)

An electric railway operating below the surface of the ground (usually in a City) " In Paris the subway system is called the metro.

Metro, A modern term and also short for metropolis:

noun, plural

1. Any large, busy City
2. The chief, and sometimes capital, City of a Country, state or region
3. A central or principal place, as of some activity: the music metropolis of France.

Network (net'wrk')

A system of computers and peripherals, such as printers, that are linked together. A network can consist of as few as two computers connected with cables or millions of computers that are spread over a large geographical area and are connected by telephone lines, fiber optic cables, or radio waves. The Internet is an example of very large network.

Employed or involved in giving professional advice to the public or to those practicing the profession: a consulting technician

Metro + Networks + Consulting =

The opportunity to work with a group of professionals who understand IT can translate it, manage & budget it. We work to strive for the delivery of leading edge solutions while focusing on budget control and a modern alternate style IT management that is comprehensive and effective.

At Metro Networks Consulting we view the IT environment much like the Cities we live in. IT delivery should become what we also refer to as the "Fifth Utility". Build a house, connect the electrical/gas lines, water, waste lines and unified communications. Triple play goes far beyond the convergence of Voice/Data/Video. It's a common utility that can be budgeted, sized and managed appropriately based on the knowledge gathered and the client's internal delivery needs.

Your corporation is your life much like our services can provide you that lifeline and piece of mind of an independent non-bias party working on your behalf with your IT team or augmenting it in times of transition or need.

Metro Networks Consulting, Inc. is the result of a group of IT professionals working with clients for the past 15 years. With our background in Telecommunications Infrastructure design, we have always been accustomed to the IT project lifecycle early on. At Metro Networks Consulting, Inc. we specialize in assisting our Client's in creating an independent non partisan IT budget for upcoming projects and/or building changes. Allowing our expert service into your organization may alleviate budget gaps or frivolous spending.

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