Metro Networks Consulting, Inc. is the result of a group of IT professionals working with clients for the past 15 years. With our background in Telecommunications Infrastructure design, we have always been part of the planners and accustomed to the IT project lifecycle early on.

While IT has made huge improvements from the nerdy guys in the back room with the black hole budgets to an Industry recognized organization and part of every medium to large Corporation. A Metro Networks Consulting, Inc. we specialize in assisting CFO's and Owners in creating an independent non partisan IT budget for upcoming projects and/or building changes. Allowing our expert service into your organization may alleviate budget gaps or frivolous spending.

Metro Networks Consulting, Inc. creates an ultra high speed connection at a reasonable price that could be deployed immediately and can be re-used in times of need. Learn More

Creating a budget and managing this budget through the design, construction and RFP process helped this School District's vision of a high tech campus to reality. Learn More

How this high availability and meshed Wireless design solution created a safe and customer friendly Hi-Tech campus that stood out from the competition. Learn More

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